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I posted my stats (weight and body fat%) on purpose, as I’ve been there myself and I know how a weight number can make a girl freak out.

I came a long way from picture N1 to picture N3, but if you notice my current weight is almost the same as the one I started with. But take a look at BF% number, that’s what makes all the difference.
Now it’s a completely different body composition.  I’ve built up my upper body to balance it out with my lower. I came from  “PEAR” to “HOURGLASS” body shape.

So I just want to remind you that scales are your enemy, especially at the beginner stage of your transformation, as in most cases we’re getting so obsessed with a number of pounds that a little shift up can be very frustrating and discouraging or even may sabotage all the hard work you’ve already done.
WHY YOUR WEIGHT REMAINS THE SAME or MAY EVEN GO UP when beginning your training and eating healthy?

Don’t panic! You simply start gaining muscles.

Even though you might keep the same weight number, your body will start changing. Also, give your body some time to readjust to your new regiment.

Few things I really want you to stay focused on:

  • Your measurements (hips, waist, thigh, arm: track them every 2 weeks)
  • Clothes size (pay attention to how your old clothes fits you, you will start noticing it become loose)
  • Skin Condition (you skin gonna get tighter and less cellulite)
  • Body Fat Percentage (if you are really obsessed with numbers  😁 track your BF%)

If you need any help, I would be happy to guide you through your journey. Email me about online Coaching info@fitolife.com

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