The right Mind Set and Steps to Get Fit in 2018

By Anna Neroznak|December 30, 2017|Blog, My Journey and Lifestyle|0 comments

“Affirmations without Discipline is the beginning of Delusion” – said Jim Rohn.
Being just a few days away from 2018 most probably you are setting your New Year’s resolutions at the moment or at least thought about it. So lets’ say you want to GET IN SHAPE. You sitting on your couch, watching your favorite TV-show, sipping on a soda, having a slice of pizza or cake, and keep repeating a very positive mantra: “I am in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE! I LOST 10 pounds! I am in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE! I LOST 10 pounds…” Guess what is going to happen, if you keep saying that over and over again while still eating that junk food and laying down on your couch? You are absolutely right. Nothing! Maybe I am being overdramatic here, but you’ve got my point. :).

And I could not agree more with Jim Rohn on this quote. Positive Mindset is a great First Step to changing your life for better, but do not become delusional that this is all that you need.

Now, when you are done with the First Step, which was meant to create a mindset of accomplishment, you are ready for the Second Step, which is a PLAN or STRATEGY. 

So if we go back to my example, a Plan would consist of few things:

  • stop eating junk food and coming up with a healthy meal plan
  • getting off the sofa and start moving, which may be more daily activities, walking or jogging around the house, joining the gym (whatever fits your lifestyle)

And, finally, the Third Step is ACTION. This is the most crucial one, as right here lots of people drop out without even starting or trying, as they get so overwhelmed with the idea itself, that it scares them away.

But I know it’s not you. You are a fighter and a worrier and at least what you can do is TRY. So you’ve come up with your Training and Meal Plan. You’ve come so far! And all you have to do is just stick to it for a while and with just a little bit more of an effort, like persistence and discipline, you will be actually able to ACHIEVE your GOALS, instead of only positively dreaming about them. 😉

I’ve been through all those steps myself and I know it takes a lot and if you feel like you need any of my expertise and help, I would be more than happy to guide you through YOUR JOURNEY and be a part of your NEW FIT and HEALTHY lifestyle. Just send me an inquiry at and let’s do it together!

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