After receiving so many requests to share the secrets of building a nicely shaped, round and toned booty, I have created this EXCLUSIVE Ultimate Glute Building Guide to help women in achieving their goals.
Every workout in this guide is exactly what I use to get the results I have so far!

Every volume contains the same Educational info as the Complete 12 Week Guide, they just vary in Training Routines.

VOL1 – Training Routines from Weeks 1 – 4 (8 unique training routines)
VOL2 – Training Routines from Weeks 5 – 8 (8 unique training routines)
VOL3 – Training Routines from Weeks 9 – 12 (8 unique training routines)

You may begin with VOL1 or VOL2 or VOL3 since there is no difference in difficulty between these 3 plans.


Training routines are scheduled 2 days a week and are divided by focusing on anterior (front) and posterior (back) muscle groups of the leg:

  • DAY1 – GLUTES and QUADRICEPS focused
  • DAY2 – GLUTES and HAMSTRINGS focused

My training techniques combine lifting weights, plyometrics, and exercises with resistance bands. Every workout routine is pretty intense, which will make your body burn that stubborn fat while shocking your glute muscles into growth, toning up your legs and lifting your booty.

The Program includes training routines for your lower body only (no upper body workouts).


For beginners through advanced


  • Digital downloadable PDF E-book that you can access easily and can save on your smartphone to take anywhere with you (not a dvd or mailed paper product)
  • 8 DIFFERENT training routines (VOL3 – Training Routines from Weeks 9 – 12) that give maximum results
  • Video linked to every exercise
  • Fat-torching Cardio Routines
  • Glute Science info
  • Secrets for activating your “dormant” glute muscles
  • Best exercises for glute activation
  • Workout Tips
  • Eating Advice
  • Healthy Eating Grocery List
  • PDF E-book that never expires!Once you download, it’s yours to keep


*Due to the nature of the product, the purchase is non-refundable.


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