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I’ve been straggling with some extra kilos all my life as I remember myself. Starting from High School, I was trying to lose some weight. I loved working out from time to time, but not on regular basis. People around me were telling that I looked quite good and I did not need to get leaner. Probably yes, for everyday life, I could leave with my 60 kg (132.3 lb) and be pretty happy, but the thing was that I WAS NOT happy about how my body looked. I could not love myself as I was and I lacked confidence. That was pretty sad. I just was trying to get used with the thought that probably that was my weight for the rest of my life and I just needed to love myself as I were, but I just could not!



My Starting Point

It was on February 2014. One month passed after New Year’s holidays and as usual I gained some more extra weight. That day I was looking through different FaceBook pages of Bikini Competitors and I caught myself on a thought of how much I loved fit and toned bodies. At the same time I got so upset and angry at myself, because I just could not stop my bad eating habits and remain consistent with my training. And that was the moment!

When I told to myself: “You can sit right here doing nothing, just whining about how unrealistic your dreams are and looking for another excuse why you cannot do it; admiring those fit girls all your life and at the end you will regret, that you’ve never been strong enough at least to try to achieve your dream body and put aside all the junk food, start exercising regularly OR you can be one of those girls!”

And I’d started! I started my journey on the 1st of February 2014 from 60 kg and 27% BF, 31 years old.

I opened a FB Page to track all my progress and motivate myself and maybe someone else with the same goals. I took a picture of myself, wrote down my measurements and started working out 5 – 6 times a week in the gym (weight training and cardio). The hardest part and the most important one was a meal plan. Without a proper approach to my food, everything I was doing in the gym would be useless (well… I would definitely feel myself better overall… but realistically for achieving some drastic changes. I knew I had to be good with my food). I knew a lot about healthy eating, but I’ve never been dedicated and motivated enough to stick to the plan forever, meaning to make it a lifestyle and not a temporary diet.



My Transformation from the beginning of February 2014 till September 2015

Results did not come over night for sure! But in around 5 months I started receiving plenty of complements of how much I’d changed! I cannot explain how happy I was and even more motivated then ever! I’ve changed not only physically, but emotionally as well. I became a happier person than I’ve ever been before!
And when in around 7.5 months I had achieved my first goal, I’d decided that I wanted something more!

I decided to compete in a Fitness Competition, Bikini division in April 2015. And I did! I didn’t place Top 3, thought I HAD AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE of Competing!

COMPETITION – was a first step on a different level. COMPETITION – was a challenge of what MORE I CAN ACHIEVE! COMPETITION – was a test of how strong I can become physically and mentally, as it had been required a huge amount of discipline and self control of me during the preparation! It was such an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! And I did not regret any second I’d spent on it! It was like one more “unrealistic” dream becoming true – to make it to the competition level! I’ve always be grateful to those people who were around at that time, supporting and believing in me.

Before and After my Fitness Transformation

Before and After my Fitness Transformation



No matter if it doesn’t turn the way you’ve planned; you’ve earned THE MOST PRECIOUS THING during the journey – EXPERIENCE – which will stay with you forever!

I want to share my love to fitness with you, my lifestyle, healthy eating habits, exercise ideas and workouts, my ups and downs, all the milestones I am reach on the road to my new goals. As this journey never stops, it has no end, no destination – it’s a road of a lifetime – the way to better myself as person from inside and out. I want to be a live example of how an average girl can make her dream comes true and how important it is to believe in yourself and your dreams. I love to inspire and motivate! And if my example can help to change at least 1 life out there, it cannot be even bigger and priceless!

With love,
Anna Neroznak

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  1. I love you u look. I’m a 16 year old girl who has not been happy about my weight.. I started going to the gym but I feel like I do not know what I am doing. I have not really changed my diet much, it’s hard since I’m dependant on my mum and she still buys all the good stuff.

    Please help me with my journey, I can across u looking for fitness bikini models too, lol! You really are an inspiration… I check out the workouts u put on Instagram too…

    I feel like if I had a clear program or something to stick to I’d be a bit far of. Please help me with advise on how to get to where u are, I would really appreciate it.

    I know weight loss is not a quick fix. I’m looking to be fit and building muscle.


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