The right Mind Set and Steps to Get Fit in 2018

“Affirmations without Discipline is the beginning of Delusion” – said Jim Rohn. Being just a few days away from 2018 most probably you are setting your New Year’s resolutions at the moment or at least thought about it. So lets’ say you want to GET IN SHAPE. You sitting on your couch, watching your favorite TV-show, sipping on a soda, having a slice of pizza or cake, and keep repeating

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A variation of Single-Legged Deadlift and what are the benefits of Single Leg Exercises

Deadlift is a well known as “butt lift” exercise (when performed correctly). There are lots of variations from classic ones to very creative. Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favorites lately. I love this VARIATION of Single-Legged Deadlift because it takes away the “balancing part” of the exercise still providing you with all the benefits of unilateral exercises, such as recruiting more muscle groups at a time

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The Main Reason, why I do not want to Compete for the moment, I was silent about! Основная причина, о которой я до сих пор не говорила. Почему я не хочу учавствовать в конкурсах?

EN: It has been almost 1 year after my first competition (April 25th 2015), even though I had a “METABOLIC DAMAGE” after, I will not gonna lie…
RU: Прошел почти 1 год после моего первого конкурса (25 апреля 2015), хотя я и закончила свое путешествие на конкурс с “Поврежденным Метаболизмом”, не буду лгать…