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Welcome dear readers to my world of Fit and Healthy!
My name is Anna Neroznak and here is my story…


It is So MUCH more than just a Story of my Physical Transformation! It is a story of an Overcoming all the hardship and broken heart along with my Fitness journey; and a complete mindset change FROM Negativity and Insecurity to Positive Thinking and Unstoppable Desire to Live to the fullest and Exceptionally Happy Life! And how much FITNESS helped me to be where I’m now!

I lost my previous Passion and Career, my marriage ended, I was financially almost broke and I had been left all by myself – no family or relatives, not so many friends – in my new home Country – Canada. I was terrified, I was depressed, and I was lost! I thought my life ended at some point…
But I overcame all the fears and I turned it all around and became an inspiration to others.

Now, I use my own experience to help other women achieve their goals not only through fitness and nutrition, but also through a positive mindset, drive, and determination.
My specialization is Healthy Lifestyle, Fat Loss, Physique Transformation and Nutrition.
On daily basis I’m motivating my friends and followers through my Social Media, as well as I Coach One-on-One and Online Clients.

Some FACTS you might NOT KNOW about me:

  • I am proudly half Ukrainian half Russian 🙂
  • I live in Montreal, Canada since 2010. I moved here from a little country from Eastern Europe – Moldova – when I’ve got married.
  • My Educational background is Fine Arts (Fashion Design). I’ve been a Creative from my early childhood. And I have this exceptional NEED for Creating! No matter what! But I HAVE to CREATE something beautiful all the time.
  • I had been an Internationally Recognized and Certified Nail Art Designer, Competitor and Educator for the past 11 years. I won Golden and Silver Medals in Russian Nail Art Championships in Hand Painting.
  • I am a workaholic and perfectionist! Sometimes I sleep only 5 – 6 hours a day. Nothing great comes easy. But 8 hours sleep is a must!
  • I am Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist. Since I’ve accomplished my own Fitness Transformation, I’ve decided to get Certified in Personal Training and Performance Nutrition to be able to offer my Qualified help to others.
  • While preparing for my first Fitness Competition, I was left alone in the country, where I’ve been living for only 4 years for that moment. I was going through a divorce, though it did not make me quit my Dream. Instead, the preparation for my First Competition kept me going no matter how hard mentally it was!

My life may be not “perfect”, but I always smile. And it’s because I refuse to get sad or depressed again! The harder it becomes, the wider my smile is!

I’ve been through a lot and only I and some of my close people know WHAT IT TOOK me to GET that FIT BODY! HOW EXACTLY I’ve EARNED IT! I could have made a lot of Excuses, instead, I’ve learned HOW NOT TO! How to KEEP GOING even when I’m falling down, how to FIGHT for MY DREAMS even when I want to quit, how to GET RID of all the NEGATIVE around and how to KEEP BALANCE in LIFE, no matter how hard it beats you!

It’s NOT ONLY about the FITNESS; it’s about EVERYTHING ELSE in your LIFE! You cannot change your body without changing your set of mind first. No matter WHAT is your situation, you HAVE a POSSIBILITY to change it! Everything is in your own hands and I’m here to support and motivate you!


How FitoLife.com – FIT and HEALTHY – was born.

The day my Fitness Transformation had begun, I created a Facebook Page. That way I felt more responsible, as people started following my Journey and I wanted to inspire others along my way.

I was posting a lot of Healthy Fitness, yet delicious recipes which helped me to achieve my results in Losing Fat. I collected plenty of different recipes of my meals and treats and decided why not to publish them all in one place.
Who told you that Healthy Fitness Recipes should be boring or that you need to starve yourself to lose weight?!? NO, NO, NO!
I just could not stand this idea! As Healthy Eating is not about some “quick fix diet”, it about Healthy Life Style! And you should be able to follow it through easily on a daily basis and without starvation, restrictions, and boring foods!

As I mentioned above, I am a very creative person (artist in the past) and I just cannot afford myself to get bored with anything. It comes to my meals as well. I love my food when it is full of taste, looks like a piece of art (this is where my creative part comes out), but still I prefer to keep it simple and easy in preparation.

THIS IS HOW my RECIPE BLOG was born. I want to share my experience with you!

80% of your Success in Transforming your body comes to a proper NUTRITION and BALANCE in everything you do! You do not have to starve yourself! You just have to know WHAT, HOW MUCH and WHEN to eat! Exercising definitely will help you to see results faster, but the “Heart” of all the magic is – a Healthy and Balanced Meal Plan. And I’m here ready to HELP YOU out! Go ahead and check my Recipes right here or if you want my One-on-One guidance, please check out my Online Coaching info.


Do not wait! Start YOUR JOURNEY TODAY! And share your experience with me.
With Love your Anna Neroznak



  1. Great history. . You are a greet inpiracion foster us .. as a woman. . But special as a person .. I like the way you overcome all your difficulty.
    Keep it up. .!

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Appreciate your support.

  2. I always thought that healthy lifestyle includes 8 hrs. sleep minimum. So Anna you tell me that 5-6 hrs. is actually enough for a person to be healthy and happy?

    1. Nop, it’s not healthy to sleep that little. But when you are on your own in the country where you have no family or relatives to help you out, when you do everything by yourself, trying to make a living, you have to make some sacrifices.
      I’m really looking forward to achieve that moment of my life when I will be able to have 8 hours sleep without second thoughts of how many things I want to accomplish and bills to pay. So for this very moment of my life I sleep 5 – 6 hours, but I do make sure I eat healthy to provide my body with all nutrients it needs to feel healthy and energetic. 🙂 Also when I feel very tired, I DO TAKE few days off and sleep a lot! 🙂 I can sleep for 10 – 12 hours.

      But you know what…when I read all those nice comment from people who are following my journey, it gives me so much Drive and Inspiration that I’m just losing a track of time.. 🙂 As I have so many ongoing projects and I really want to help as many ladies out there as I possibly can. 🙂

      Do I feel HAPPY? Yeah I DO!

      1. Thanks for your reply, Anna! You do not look like you missed out on your beauty sleep for sure. You look great! I wish I could function well on only 5-6 hrs. per day 🙂

        1. 🙂 Thank you Larysa 🙂 Frankly, it’s not easy. That is why sometimes I do take days off and just relax, doing nothing. You really have to listen to your body. I’ve learned that lesson a while ago. I know my limits. 🙂

  3. Hi Anna, I’m a fellow Nail Tech in Ontario who has been following you and now follows you as a fitness mentor. Our lives are very similar. Congratulations on your accomplishments and strength with the proper mindset to achieve your goals. I too am into nutrition and wanting to get back into fitness. I’ll be following you more closely and resetting my mindset. ???? thanks for sharing your story. It’s very inspirational.

    1. Hello Karyn! Awwwe!:) Thank you so much! It’s my pleasure to share my experience, knowing that it may help and inspire others.:) Please do get back to fitness. You will never ever regret it 😉 I’m pretty sure about that. 🙂

  4. Nice anna give me your Facebook

  5. Hi Anna, I am a Nail Tech from Germany 🙂 I follow you by Facebook and now your Fitness Site at Instagram. Your Story is a littlebit like my Story.
    For the Future I wish you all the Best 🙂


    1. Hello Heike 🙂 Aweee 🙂 So nice to see girls from my “nailart world” still following me in my fitness life! 🙂 This actually means a world to me, knowing that I continue inspiring women! Thank you so much sweetheart and let’s stay in touch. XoXo

  6. Hello Anna..

    What kind of certification of personal trainer do you have?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Jeni. YMCA and NAFA. You are welcome.

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