A variation of Single-Legged Deadlift and what are the benefits of Single Leg Exercises

By Anna Neroznak|December 24, 2017|Blog, Training|2 comments

Deadlift is a well known as “butt lift” exercise (when performed correctly). There are lots of variations from classic ones to very creative. Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favorites lately.

I love this VARIATION of Single-Legged Deadlift because it takes away the “balancing part” of the exercise still providing you with all the benefits of unilateral exercises, such as recruiting more muscle groups at a time because not only are the prime movers are being challenged; correcting left-right strength, correcting sizing asymmetries; improving strength; less cardio (it obviously takes exactly twice as long to train each side individually as it would take to train them both at the same time).


1. When performing single-leg exercises it is recommended to place them at the beginning of your training session, as they require a lot of energy and you want to feel fresh. Especially if you’re a beginner. When you’re already fatigued, there is a higher risk of injury.
And this is exactly what I like about this variation of single-legged deadlift, that having your both feet on the floor still lets you place it more towards the end of your workout if you feel like it. But I would definitely NOT recommend going too heavy then.
2. The most IMPORTANT rule in this exercise – ALWAYS transfer your weight on working leg and keep a stabilizing one mostly for a support.
3. And always remember about pelvic tilt and good glute squeeze.

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  1. Is there a reason the first set was overhand and the second underhand, or is just personal preference. Great variation Anna. TX.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Both of them are the same way. Probably it’s hard to see because of the angle of the camera, but when I do one leg I use one hand pron and the other supine (mixed grip) and when I switch the leg, I switch grips. It’s just my personal preference 🙂 But both are mixed grips. 🙂

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